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Thursday, January 17, 2013

I have a house!!

So that's all. We bought a house. We closed just before Christmas and moved in a couple weeks later. My mom came to help pack, move and unpack. We got it done pretty quickly. We're still putting up wall hangings and getting carpet installed in the family room. So I'll put pictures up when I have some. WOOOHOOO!!

Friday, December 14, 2012

Family reunion/Mexico/Thanksgiving

So it's been a little while since I last updated anyone who might be reading this. Since April, we've had lots going on. In July we had a family reunion for my mom's side of the family. Lots of people came and it was so much fun to see them. We made grape shooters, fished in the pond, shot at grandpa's new targets, took family pictures, played games, and ate yummy food!
Sorry he's sideways, I'm too lazy to fix it. Then in August my mom and Hannah came out and went backpacking with Cody and I. Cody's dad and some of Cody's cousins came. It was fun to camp, but backpacking sucks... alot. I hate hiking with 25 lbs on your back. It's not fun, it's not relaxing, it's not enjoyable at all. I don't think I'll be doing that again. I don't have any pictures either to show. Then the next week, Cody and I and a friend ran a half marathon. That was fun! The first 10 miles I was pretty consistant. The last 3.1 were pretty much Hell. It hurt to stop running so I didn't want to, but I was so tired that I had to take a break. Then it hurt to walk. But I finished in 2.5 hours so I'm happy. Cody finished much sooner than me, but he has longer legs... I couldn't walk after that, my feet were so sore. I had to call in sick to primary the next day cause I couldn't get to church. It hurt to move. I was ok after a few days.
THEN was November. All good things in November. My Birthday, MEXICO, Heather's birthday, Thanksgiving... All good things. So Cody and I went with my family to Cabo San Lucas. It was the best. Warm weather, warm ocean, awesome resort, good food, GREAT company, and fun activities. We arrived in Mexico on Tuesday afternoon, by the time we got to the resort, we were tired so we didn't do anything except eat dinner. We went to Costco and Walmart the next day to get food for the week. That wasn't the best day, but it was necessary. Thursday Adam, Heather, Hannah, Richard, Dad, Cody and I went down and rented some snorkel gear and caught a boat to Lovers Beach to snorkel. We hung out at the beach and the pool for the rest of the day. Mom stayed at the resort with Hunter and Tanner, she was amazing like that. Friday we (the same group who went snorkeling) did a zip line course. It was great. The ziplines were super long and they had a repelling section. Hannah and Cody get the bravery awards for the day, cause they are afraid of heights and they still stepped off the cliff to repel. Saturday morning Dad, Hannah, Heather and I went Parasailing. That was so fun. My first time. It feels like you're floating up there. I do have picutres of that :)
Then Saturday afternoon Richard, Dad, Adam and I went on a ATV beach tour. That was the best thing. ATV's, and the beach. We had so much fun. We did have to follow a guy, but everytime he wasn't looking, we would not so much be driving straight behind him. Then he'd turn around and tell us to get back in line. I'm sure he didn't appreciate us much :)
Then when we got back we went to dinner as an early birthday celebration for Heather. The food was great. Then we stopped at Costco and Walmart again to pick up a cake for Heather's birthday the next day. On the way back, Dad took his car (with Cody, Mom and Richard in it) and left before we were ready. We (Heather, Adam, the Kids, Hannah and I) did know how to get back. But we thought we'd take a shortcut. We turned too soon, and our shortcut turned into a long-stuck-in-the-sand-cut. Lucky for us, Mexican's are super nice in Mexico. So many people stopped to help us and get us out. Considering the family that were worried about us at the resort didn't turn on their phones so we could call them, we were so lucky that so many people stopped to help us.
Sunday morning, we went to Sacrament Meeting. They had closed the main road and more for a bike race or something, so finding the church was a chore. We were all over the place, driving the wrong way down one way streets right into police, you know, exciting stuff. We finally made our way there and back. We spent all Sunday at the pool and the beach. Good times. Richard "I don't care what you say, I'm gonna be in the water all day today", Mom "I don't care what you say, me too." Oh Richard :)
Monday we all (except Cody cause he doesn't let anyone touch him and mom because she went Saturday) went and got massages. Mom and Dad bought them as gifts. Best 80 minutes of vacation. I have no words. WAIT, I have Mom and Heather's words... :) Mom "That was a good massage", Heather "How good?", Mom "Better than sex", Heather "And longer too". I know, my family is awesome. And mom will kill me for posting that, but it was just too good to not share. :) Joaquin Pheonix!! After Massages, we just hung out at the ocean and pool. Tuesday we did the pool then flew back to the US, saddest day.
One of those nights, we went night swimming. The ocean is awesome at night. Especially when you're the only ones down there. I can't say why (because we'd sound like goof balls), but my family is hilarious and we had so much fun down there. "I'm running into the ocean!!" Then Cody and I drove home for a week and spent Thanksgiving with My parents and Hannah and Richard. Fun, great food, great company. Cody, Hannah, Steysi and I ran a 10K Thanksgiving morning. We could eat whatever we wanted that day, Good times :)

Thursday, April 12, 2012


So, not much going on. That's why I haven't updated anything recently. I have a vacation coming up in May and I can't wait! Cody and I are going to Cali for a week. Heather and Hunter are meeting us there, I'm so excited to see that kid!! And Heather, and my parents. But kids change so much in a few months, I feel like I miss so much! I am running a 5k Color dash in a couple days. It's supposed to rain. yay. We'll see how that goes. Cody and I have started training for a half marathon in Aug. We'll call this 5k a warm up :) I'm thinking if I keep it up, I'll be good for 13.1 mi in August. I run 3 days a week, and cross train 3 days. I'm kind of excited and kind of terrified for that one. Oh well. That's all I've got for now. Sorry for the lame update :(

Sunday, October 2, 2011


So my pictures from my photographer won't upload. Here are some from Heather and Adam that work :)

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Wedding Update

So, I've tried 4 times to write about my wedding and add some pictures. Blogger doesn't like my pictures so when I figure out how to make them work, you'll get some. Until then, just writing. Sorry.

The wedding was great! Rained and poured all day. My family and I helped set up for the reception (outside reception) on friday. We set up easy-up's around the deck with tables and chairs under them. My aunt brought a million of her potted plants from home and a fountain and those got set up all around the deck. It was beautiful!!!

So Saturday morning I got up and got ready. Heather and Hannah did my hair, they were amazing to do that and get themselves ready. Love them. It looked great too :) Cody and I got to the temple early and got ready. Then we had the ceremony, and I heard it was really nice, but I honestly don't remember much about it- I was thinking, come one already, I've waited 4 freakin years for this, lets move it along, I just want to be married! Then when we're standing up there saying "I do" or whatever, I couldn't look at Cody. I knew I would just start crying if I did. Lo and Behold, once Cody started crying, I started crying. Thank you Melissa for beginning the crying circle :)

After that, we walked out and took pictures with the family. I didn't want to take forever cause I wanted to go eat, luckily it went quickly. We dismissed the family and my wonderful Mother and Sister Hannah stayed to help with pictures for Cody and I. Eventually, the rain let up enough to go out and take a picture in front of the Temple. It was nice. Not too cold or anything.

Then came the lunch at grandma and grandpa's house. It was so good!! Wonderful food and company. We had bbq'd chicken and potato salad and watermelon. My extended family all went and Cody's family that came to Cali were all there. It was so fun to sit and chat with everyone on such a happy occasion. After the lunch, Cody and I took our bags to the hotel we stayed in that night. Then raced to my parents house to help set up the rest for the reception. We had chicken salad on croissants, and a melon salad, and delicious cake. Oh and a CHOCOLATE FOUNTAIN!! Yum. We got all dressed up again and greeted people that came. We got to go out and eat, my chocolate wedding cake was amazing, as was the rest of the food. I had 2 friends from High school come, Matt and Garrett. It was so nice that they made an effort to come. And a really old friend from Junior High and before drove all the way up come. That was amazing of her. Thanks Rebecca if you ever read my blog... Probably not... But thanks :)

Chantiel was amazing and helpful all day. She helped make sure I didn't get any chocolate on my dress :) Then we left the reception and enjoyed the wedding night. We did lots of attempted sleep cause we were so freakin exhausted, but the hotel room was kinda gross, so we weren't able to sleep much anyway. In the morning we got up to go hang out with my family and say goodbye to everyone that was leaving. We took naps and ate wedding leftovers. Yummy even the next day! We left for South Lake Tahoe, CA later that afternoon.

It was beautiful up there. It was kinda cold and snowy so we couldn't hike and we didn't have a boat so there wasn't as much to do. We found an activity everyday, besides the obvious honeymoon activity. We had a good time, and had some good food. We left Tahoe on friday afternoon so we could get back to my parents house and get all our stuff. We just hung out and swam on Saturday and loaded up the car. We left Sunday morning for Utah. Sad.

Then we had the reception in Utah on the next friday. It was fine. I didn't know anyone except my bosses (and friends) Branton, Becky and Lindsey, and another coworker Ashley. Oh and Rebecca and Heather (adoptive sister's by a couple marriages)!! I was starving all night cause I was told we were having real food, but all they had was grapes and desserts. Eventually it came to an end and we opened presents back at the in-law's and went home and to bed. I was so exhausted after that too. Long day.

Since the wedding, Cody and I don't do much. The only people we regularly hung out with moved during our honeymoon. Thanks so much Chantiel :) So we hang out at home and watch movies and I have a ballet class. We're boring people :) I would love to have friends again. I'll work on that. My ward seems nice, I'm antisocial so I don't know many people. But I just got called to teach primary. We'll see how that goes.

Well, that's up to date! If I forgot something, I'll add it later. I'll keep trying to add pictures, promise :)

Thursday, April 28, 2011

5 weeks and 2 days!

So I get married soon!!! I'm so excited. I got my bridals done last weekend and I will post a few here. I'm so happy with them! Lindsey's pretty much amazing. I can't believe how they turned out, so good. I think I get to move next week. I really hope so. I'm gonna start packing this weekend either way. I hate packing. Remember how I get married in 5 weeks and 2 days... HELLS YES!! :) That's all.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Wedding Planning Visit Home

So I went home Wednesday night! It was nice. I was able to stay 3 whole days then had to leave again. I got lots done. I had an appointment with my mom and the wedding photographer. She and her husband are awesome people! Then mom and I went to register at Target. Sorry, the list is boring, I'll see what I can do about that.
Then the next day, we went and got pedicures. Richard said he'd go if I paid for his, not gonna happen. So it was just mom and I. Then we met Steysi and Jack for lunch. He is the cutest kid! Then mom and I got spray tans. We were practicing cause I want to get one before the wedding. I wanted to see how long it would last and what I needed to do not be orange and stuff. It looks pretty good.
Then on Saturday, Mom and I went to grandma and grandpa's house. We visited them and Steysi & Travis. It was so much fun. I enjoy all of them so much. Then we went back home and set up some wedding decorations to see if they'd work. Then we had to wait to Richard to get home because we were all going to Cattlemens. AWESOME!! Favorite food ever. On the way down to Rocklin, we listened to Les Miserables. Good music, good company, good food then a mall trip. :) Wow that mall is getting big and I can't believe the stores they have there. I can't afford to shop there, but we did need to go to Fredricks of Hollywood so I could buy a friend some lingerie.
It was sad when I had to leave. I miss my family, and my parents house is my favorite. Well, the house is great, but the location is the best. Grass valley has the freshest smell and good climate and everything. Trees galore. I love it.